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the asteroid no 4 - back of your mind

from the self titled album, out today on bad vibrations records.

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a sunny day in glasgow - double dutch

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fear of men - sleeper (ty segall)

(source: gorilla vs. bear)

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dream police - hypnotized

featuring 2 members of the men. the lp hypnotized is out on sacred bones on 11.11.2014.

(source: noisey

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corey - is it really really real?

corey cunningham from terry malts put out a 7” on loglady records sometime last year.  7inches just reminded me of it today.

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magic castles - sky sounds

video by jon carling.

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the raveonettes - killer in the streets

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girl band - i love you (beat happening)

b-side to the  7” de bom bom available on any other city.

(source: stereogum)

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